The Water Bearer

The Water Bearer
Constellation of Aquarius

Gerald Massey and the sign of the Waterman

"Our History is Written in the Stars" ~ Master Fard Muhammad

Gerald Massey and The Sign of the Waterman

The birthplace of the Egyptian Messiah at the Vernal Equinox was figured in Apt, or Apta, the corner; but Apta is also the name of the Crib and the Manger; hence the Child born in Apta, was said to be born in a manger; and this Apta as Crib or Manger is the hieroglyphic sign of the Solar birthplace. Hence the Egyptians exhibited the Babe in the Crib or Manger in the streets of Alexandria. The birthplace was indicated by the colure of the Equinox, as it passed from sign to sign. It was also pointed out by the Star in the East. When the birthplace was in the sign of the Bull, Orion was the Star that rose in the East to tell where the young Sun-God was re-born. Hence it is called the "Star of Horus." That was then the Star of the "Three Kings" who greeted the Babe; for the "Three Kings" is still a name of the three stars in Orion's Belt. Here we learn that the legend of the "Three Kings" is at least 6,000 years old.

In the course of Precession, about 255 B.C., the vernal birthplace passed into the sign of the Fishes, and the Messiah who had been represented for 2155 years by the Ram or Lamb, and previously for other 2155 years by the Apis Bull, was now imaged as the Fish, or the "Fish-man," called Ichthys in Greek. The original Fish-man—the An of Egypt, and the Oan of Chaldea—probably dates from the previous cycle of precession, or 26,000 years earlier; and about 255 B.C., the Messiah, as the Fish-man, was to come up once more as the Manifestor from the celestial waters. The coming Messiah is called Dag, the Fish, in the Talmud; and the Jews at one time connected his coming with some conjunction, or occurrence, in the sign of the Fishes! This shows the Jews were not only in possession of the astronomical allegory, but also of the tradition by which it could be interpreted. It was the Mythical and Kronian Messiah alone who was, or could be, the subject of prophecy that might be fulfilled—prophecy that was fulfilled as it is in the Book of Revelation—when the Equinox entered, the cross was re-erected, and the foundations of a new heaven were laid in the sign of the Ram, 2410 B.C.; and, again, when the Equinox entered the sign of the Fishes, 255 B.C. Prophecy that will be again fulfilled when the Equinox enters the sign of the Waterman about the end of this century, to which the Samaritans are still looking forward for the coming of their Messiah, who has not yet arrived for them. The Christians alone ate the oyster; the Jews and Samaritans only got an equal share of the empty shells! The uninstructed Jews, the idiotai, at one time thought the prophecy which was astronomical, and solely related to the cycles of time, was to have its fulfilment in human history. But they found out their error, and bequeathed it unexplained to the still more ignorant Christians. The same tradition of the Coming One is extant amongst the Millenarians and Adventists, as amongst the Moslems. It is the tradition of El-Mahdi, the prophet who is to come in the last days of the world to conquer all the world, and who was lately descending the Soudan with the old announcement the "Day of the Lord is at hand," which shows that the astronomical allegory has left some relics of the true tradition among the Arabs, who were at one time learned in astronomical lore.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us:

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad on the Messianic Prophecy in the Torah are of himself:

"What you read of Jesus in the Old Testament-that is myself: the last days with a government upon his shoulder. Isa. 9:6." ~Our Saviour Has Arrived, Pg 146

"For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And his name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." (KJV)

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad on Kemet (Egypt)

"The fleeing to Egypt of Mary and her baby, to be schooled for his mission, is a sign of you (so-called Negroes). You will be schooled there for twenty years. You will be taught your language and many sciences of your people and your beautiful universe that have never before been taught. You will suffer here a little while longer, but the joy awaits you will make you forget your suffering here overnight."

The Teachings of Master Fard Muhammad as reported by E.D Beynon ~ 1937

The Teachings of Master Fard Muhammad as reported by E.D Beynon ~ 1937 (Detroit History)

Here in America they were living other than themselves. They must learn that they are the original people, noblest of the nations of the earth. The Caucasians are the colored people, since they have lost their original color. The original people must regain their religion, which is Islam, their language, which is Arabic, and their culture, which is astronomy and higher mathematics, especially calculus. They live according to the law of Allah, avoiding all meat of the "posinous animals," hogs, ducks, geese, 'possums and catfish. They must give up completely the use of stimulants, especially liquor. They must clean themselves up-both their bodies and their houses. If in this way they obeyed Allah, he would take them back to Paradise from which they had been stolen-the Holy City of Mecca.


Alphard (α Hya, α Hydrae, Alpha Hydrae) is the brightest star in the constellation Hydra. The name Alphard is from the Arabic الفرد (al-fard), "the solitary one", there being no other bright stars near it

The 24 Scientist

Message to the Black Man by Elijah Muhammad
Chapter: Making of the Devil

"We make such history once every 25,000 years. When such history is written, it is done by twenty-four of our scientists. Once acts as Judge or God for the others and twenty-three actually do the work of getting up the future of the nation, and all is put into one book and at intervals where such and such part or portion will come to pass, that people will be given that part of the book through one among that people from one of the Twelve (twelve major scientists) as it is then called a Scripture which actually means script of writing from something original or book.
There is a significance to the number 24 Scientists and the 25,000 years. The number twenty-four Scientists used is in accordance with the hours in our day and the measurement of the circumference of our planet around the equator and in the region of our Poles, Arctic and Antarctic Oceans.

Our planet is not exactly 25,000 miles in circumference, it is 24,896 and we, according to astronomy, don't have a full 24-hour day but near that--23 hours, 56 minutes and 46 seconds. The change made in our planets rotation at the Poles is about one minute a year and takes 25,000 years to bring about a complete change in the region of the Poles. The actual Poles are inclines 23 2 degrees to the plane of its orbit. The original black nation used 23 scientists to write the future of that nation for the next 25,000 years, and the 24th is the Judge or the one God, Allah. Allah taught me that, once upon a time they made history to last for 35,000 years."

Our Saviour Has Arrived
By The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

"Allah (GOD) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due forever, taught me that every twenty-five thousand (25,000) years, each God Coming After the Other God made a new civilization. His Belief, Teaching, and Theology were Different From the Other God Who Preceded Him Who Made a beautiful change in the History of the wisdom of man."

Janinism - The 24 Tirthankaras

In Jainism, a Tirthankar (तीर्थंकर: "Fordmaker"; also Tirthankara or Jina) is a human being who achieves enlightenment (perfect knowledge) through asceticism and who then becomes a role-model teacher for those seeking spiritual guidance. A Tirthankar is a special sort of arhat, a person who has totally conquered base sensibilities such as anger, pride, deceit, or desire.
A Tirthankar is so called because he is the founder of a "Tirth" (literally, 'ford'), a Jain community which acts as a "ford" across the "river of human misery".

After achieving enlightenment, a Tirthankar shows others the path to enlightenment. The Tirthankar's religious teachings form the Jain canons. The inner knowledge of all Tirthankars is perfect and identical in every respect, for the teachings of one Tirthankar do not contradict those of another. However, the degree of elaboration varies according to the spiritual advancement and purity of humans during that period. The higher the spiritual advancement and purity of mind, the lower the elaboration required.

Jainism posits that time has no beginning or end. It moves like the wheel of a cart. There have been an infinite number of time cycles before our present era and there will be an infinite number of time cycles after this age. The beginning of the twenty first century is approximately 2,530 years into the fifth era of the present half cycle.[citation needed]
Twenty four Tirthankars are born in each half cycle of time (that is forty eight in each full cycle), in this part of the universe. In the current (descending) half cycle of time, the first Tirthankar Rishabh Dev[citation needed], lived billions of years ago and attained liberation ('moksh' or 'nirvan') towards the end of the third era. The 24th and last Tirthankar was Mahavir Swami (599-527 BC), whose existence is a historically accepted fact. Digambaras believe that all twenty four Tirthankars were men but Svetambaras believe that the 19th Tirthankar, Mallinath, was a woman.
Tirthankaras are just ordinary man, born as human, but through their intense practice of kindness, equanimity and meditation, he attains the state of a Tirthankara.

Thus, a Tirthankar is an individual who destroys attachment with all the earthly things and relations, he frees himself absolutely from ignorance, he repays all his previous and this birth's dues of karmas, he detaches himself from all the good and bad, he attains absolute knowledge about present, past, and future, and becomes an omniscient in the process. He becomes a Sidha and frees himself from the cycle of birth and re-birth.

The 24 Tirthankaras are considered to be the creator of Jain religion. They are divine elements of Jainism. They have attained all the achievement of ultimate nature including the ultimate knowledge after making vigorous efforts. Their principles are for betterment and welfare of others. Their path is to provide total fearless life and that of non-violence and to distribute love and friendship. Their vision of life is very wide and they have no insistence for anything. Their way of life is for giving up possessive passion and being free from the karmas.

The Urshi of Ancient Kemet(Egypt)

Gerald Massey-Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World

"The wisdom of the Egyptians,' said Augustine, 'what was it but astronomy?'[63] The answer is that it was not simply the science of astronomy in the modern sense, but astronomical mythology was the subject of subjects with the ancient 'mystery-teachers of the heavens,' as the Egyptian urshi or astronomers were self-designated."

"We claim, then, to show that the typical Twelve, who are called apostles or disciples in later language, originated in twelve characters which had represented twelve stellar powers in the astronomical mythology, and that these were afterwards given thrones or seats as rulers in the twelve signs of the zodiac or in heaven. These, in the Pistis Sophia, are designated twelve preservers or saviours of the treasure of light. They form the cycle of twelve lesser gods around the sun-god on the summit of the mount, and are the same in signification, whether called gods in the Ritual or disciples of the Egypto-gnostic Jesus in the Pistis Sophia. These are at first the twelve with Horus the mortal, Horus in matter, Horus in the mythos, Horus the youthful solar god. But when he makes his transformation and becomes the Son of God the Father, in the spirit life, they are his companions in Amenta; the twelve great spirits to whom he expounds the mysteries of the fatherhood; in short, they become the typical twelve as characters in the Kamite eschatology."

1) Horus, son of Osiris, a sky god closely connected with the king. 2) Set, enemy of Horus and Osiris, god of storms and disorder. 3) Thoth, a moon deity and god of writing, counting and wisdom. 4) Khnum, a ram god who shapes men and their kas on his potter's wheel. 5) Hathor, goddess of love birth and death. 6) Sobek, the crocodile god, Lord of the Faiyum. 7) Ra, the sun god in his many forms. 8) Amon, a creator god often linked with Ra. 9) Ptah, another creator god and the patron of craftsmen. 1O) Anubis, god of mummification. 11) Osiris, god of agriculture and ruler of the dead. 12) Isis, wife of Osiris, mother of Horus and Mistress of Magic.

The 12 Gods of Sumer

By Zecharia Sitchin

Our solar system has only eight “classical” planets - so has decided the astronomer’s union, meeting in Prague. Pluto - still out there - must be laughing.
It is ironic - or, perhaps, symbolic - that the decision to deprive Pluto of its status as our sun’s ninth planet coincides with the 30th anniversary of the publication of my seminal work The Twelfth Planet in Autumn l976. In it I suggested that the Sumerian Epic of Creation is not an allegorical myth but a sophisticated cosmogony scientifically describing how our solar system came to be; and it most definitely included Pluto.
Inscribed on seven clay tablets, the text described how the inner and outer planets appeared; how an invading celestial body (“Nibiru”) collided with and broke up the planet ‘Tiamat’, creating “a new heaven;” and how Nibiru, captured in a great elliptical orbit, became the twelfth member of the Sun’s Family - Sun, Moon, and ten planets including Earth, Nibiru and Pluto. These ‘celestial gods’ were matched by a pantheon of twelve deities on Earth.

The Twelve Gods of India -The Adityas

"In the Hindu Vedas of India, there are the twelev gods called Adityas.
The Brahmanas and Puranas generally reckon twelve adityas. In a preceding manvantara they were called tushitas, but when the end of the cycle was near they entered the "womb of Aditi, that we may be born in the next Manwantara; for, thereby, we shall again enjoy the rank of gods." Hence in the present seventh manvantara, they are known as adityas (VP 1:15). When the pralaya (dissolution) of the world comes, twelve suns will appear (MB 3:3, 26; Dict Hind 3). The twelve adityas are the twelve great gods of the Hindu pantheon; also, the twelve signs of the zodiac or twelve months of the year."

"The adityas are the sustainers of the solar divine life which exists in all things, and in our present Vaivasvata manvantara they are the divine solar pitris (fathers) -- not the lower or lunar pitris -- which incarnated in early humanity. "The wise call our fathers Vasus; our paternal grandfathers Rudras, our paternal great grandfathers, Adityas"

Manly P. Hall
The Mystics in Islam

"According to certain mystical calculations, the true saints of the Moslem world are...the 'unseen men' who journey to all parts of the world according to the Will of God and are given authority over the affairs of mankind, both Moslem and non-Moslem. Sometimes these saints are collectively referred to as The Owners, or Masters of Destiny. The chief among them is known as the Center, and each morning the saints assemble at Mecca, presumably by some mystical projection of their higher natures, and report all they have done to the Center"

"At the head of the hierarchy composing the inner or mystical Dervish Order is a most august sole, who is called the 'Axis' or 'Pole' of the universe… He often wanders the earth in the garb of a novice. He is a Master of the power of magic, can make himself invisible at will, and traverse vast distances with the speed of thought...This great body of spiritual mystics, collectively the 'Lords of Souls' and 'Directors,' is an invisible government controlling all the temporal institutions of Islam, and far surpassing in power all earthly monarchs...With …AN INNER BODY COMPOSED OF GOD-MEN so highly advanced and so superior to ordinary humanity that they seem more mystical than real, it is evident that the Dervishes form a very powerful Order in the Islamic world."

Holy Quran 36:12

We are recording all the deeds they have done and also that which they have left behind, We have preserved everything in an open Book.

37:8 They cannot listen to the exalted assembly and they are thrown at from every side,

56: 57 We have created you, why do you not then assent?
56: 58 Have you considered the seed?
56: 59 Is it you that create it or are We the creators?

The Bible

Ezekiel 8:16 Then He brought me into the inner court of the LORD'S house. And behold, at the entrance to the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about twenty-five men with their backs to the temple of the LORD and their faces toward the east; and they were prostrating themselves eastward toward the sun.

Revelation 4:10 the twenty-four elders fall down before him who sits on the throne, and worship him who lives for ever and ever. They lay their crowns before the throne and say

Isaiah 6:8
Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, "Whom will I send? Who will go FOR US?" I said, "Here I am. Send me!"

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